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Now you can place your orders on your time, 24/7! You can even edit or view your orders whenever you’d like. And there is no delay in your supplier getting your order or changes, they receive them within 7 minutes of your entry.

And with our new EHR Direct Access you can see at a glance every supplier that is offering the plant that you’re looking for and the price they’re charging for it, with our exclusive ‘Plant Locator’. Imagine being able to compare pricing for any plant at the click of a button! We represent more than 270 sources, and we have every plant they offer entered into our system.

We also offer instant access to grower’s availabilities. Just by clicking a button you can see if the plant that you are looking for is available to ship now. No more bouncing around from screen to screen and vendor to vendor.

Best of all, it’s free and easy to set–up and use. There are no obligations and no contracts. Let us know that you’d like access to the best on–line ordering system in horticulture and we’ll get you set up right away.

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 I have been using the Direct Access program for a little over a year. I love that I can keep track of my orders and see a list of my delivery dates, shipments and cancellations. It is easy to find information on vendors and availability at the drop of a hat. I have found it has helped me to be more efficient and precise with ordering. 

– Stephanie Thompson, Grower/Production Manager of Britton Nursery
in Colorado Springs, CO

Succulent Creations

Every once in a while a product comes along that seems to interest everyone, and the new Succulent Creations offered by Theut Flower Barn seem to be one of the best. Trialed in several markets last year, including the local market of the EHR office, they were a hit in every retail store that offered them (including several re-orders!). The displays at the Independent Garden Center Shows in Chicago and Baltimore this summer were packed with buyers from retail garden centers from Portland to Atlanta.

Succulent Creations are stylized planters filled with easy to grow succulents. They come in a bunch of animal shapes, attractive and fancy wooden frames and planters, and in fanciful shapes and designs. There are moss purses, moss shoes and small glass hanging terrariums. The program even has rocks that have been hollowed out and planted.

This year we see the introduction of holiday selections, with Christmas themed planters, including reindeer, polar bears and snowbirds. Easter brings us some more themed planters including several different shapes of planted bunnies, ducks, geese, and dogs. All ready to be shipped directly to your store in time for holiday sales. The largest selection of Succulent Creations are available for spring sales, with over 25 different styles of planters, wreathes and frames. These will be ready to ship as early as the first week in March. Time yours to arrive just before the spring crowds start coming to your store.

This year the Succulent Creations will be shipped on display racks that can go directly from the truck onto the showroom floor, packed with planters and including point of purchase display items to make them even more attractive. Download a copy of the catalog with an order form.


Current Promotions

2015 California Spring Trials:  The California Spring Trials event includes many of the leading plant breeders, growers, and suppliers showcasing their plant varieties and new products.The event is a launching ground for some of the newest plant varieties, signage & packaging products, & merchandising programs. In addition, many locations include PGR experiments, outdoor trialing, & technical information.
To view our team’s total report on some of the best plants at the Trials, click on the image.  To get your own copy of this report, please click here.


2015 December Statement Stuffer: Each month, EHR puts together information to promote opportunities, selected products and/or events happening in the Horticulture Industry. To view this month’s copy, please click on the image.


2016 Hot New Perennial Booklet: Each year, our perennial department works with the leading perennial suppliers in the industry to develop the selections for our hot new perennials for the following season. To view our selections for 2016, click on the image. To get your own personal copy of this booklet, please click here.

Heuchera - Coneflower - Gallardia

Eason Horticultural Resources, Inc.

Who is EHR? We are a customer service oriented National Horticulture Broker servicing the needs of retail garden centers, wholesale greenhouse growers, nurserymen, wholesalers, and landscapers.

We provide personalized service that understands our customer’s needs & advises them on purchasing high quality products at a fair price.

EHR offers products from over 270 of the best vendors in horticulture. We have the broadest selections of plants from seeds to trees; from URC’s to container Nursery Stock; from perennials to tropical flowering foliage. We also offer Greenhouse Structures for commercial and retail sales. EHR has the products that will fit your needs!