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 EHR Direct Access has made my life easier for finding plants, finding suppliers, and placing orders. Now there’s no more waiting to find out if I can get what I want! 

– Amy Sieg of Smith’s Gardens
in Delaware, OH

Echibeckia group

Echibeckia Display

Echibechia Summerina Yellow

Echibeckia Summerina Yellow

Echibechia Summerina Brown

Echibeckia Summerina Brown – Summer Color

Echibeckias – The Best of Both Worlds!

Move over ‘Brangelina’, ‘Kimye’, and ‘Bennifer’, Echibeckias are here and they are all the rage for 2015! Echibeckias are an entirely new plant. Cleverly named, they are formed from blending Echinacea purpurea with Rudbeckia hirta to create a totally new genetic. This special product makes a beautiful ‘Garden Decoration’ and is a valuable addition to annual programs, perennial programs, and summer and fall color programs. Echibeckias are also perfect for mixed containers and make an excellent landscape focus plant. They offer an incredibly long bloom time, from early summer all the way past first frosts, with large, show flowers. They are self-cleaning and feature a habit that is strongly upright without getting floppy, growing 20-24” tall and 18” wide. They are quick growers and fast finishers, with good disease resistance.

EHR is excited to be this season’s preferred broker as the exclusive source of Echibeckias from Pacific Plug and Liner through ship week 22.

Echibeckias were a striking success in their limited 2014 release, selling well in the North, South, East and West in retail garden centers and nurseries. Perfect for 6”, gallon and 8” production, they are day length neutral and will finish in 8 to 10 weeks. They will be perfect for sales as early as Memorial Day, and perfect compliments to late season crops such as mums and pansies.

To learn more about Echibeckias & other products from Pacific Plug & Liner please contact your EHR sales reprensentative or our Vendor Relations Manager Jesse Hensen.

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2014 California Spring Trials

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Heuchera - Coneflower - Gallardia

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